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Megan Lowri

Lemon and blueberry loaf

A cake containing fruit is healthy right?

This week life really did give me lemons, in the form of a good friend of mine - so what better than to combine them into my weekend baking routine.

Baking is definitely one of those ways I relax. I love to listen to an acoustic playlist or an old movie whilst I prepare the bake and then often read a book waiting for the goodness in the oven to be ready to eat. I tend to get impatient with the cooling process and always want to eat my new creation as soon as I can. Although I've learnt that if I can only wait an hour or so, the creation is always better - as the bake has had time to settle and the knife cuts though much easier.

This week I decided on a lemon and blueberry loaf. It’s so simple to make and keeps well for a tea time treat during the week (unless it disappears in one weekend).

Lemons are generally such a staple in my pantry around winter. They’re high in vitamin C which is always a bonus when there’s a virus about (although I'm not sure how much benefits are lost once the ingredients are baked). Never the less there are definitely soul benefits of eating cake.

450g of self raising flour

200g of caster sugar

5g of baking powder

100g of margarine

250ml of water

Juice and zest of 2 lemons

100g of blueberries

  • Combine all dry ingredients in a bowl with a whisk to remove any lumps.

  • Mix the wet ingredients in a jug and pour in slowly.

  • Stir together until smooth.

  • Once the mixture is combined add in the blueberries and fold carefully

  • Pour the mixture into a loaf tin

  • Bake at 200 degrees for an hour

  • Once completely cooled cut into slices

  • If you don’t feel it's sweet enough combine icing sugar and lemon juice and drizzle on top.

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